CyberSecure Risk Management

Our primary focus is risk management by applying mitigation strategies and leveraging existing and emerging encryption technologies to ensure your business IT infrastructure is secure at the highest peak at an affordable cost structure.

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Our Mission:

Our mission is simply to provide first-class cyber security consulting. We connect enterprises with threat intelligence and cyber security solutions to enhance data and network security with an emphasis on privacy by design reaching full maturity.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to balance the scales of justice in our digital world.

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CyberSecure Risk Management

The foundation of a secure organization is to develop a solid practice of cyber security risk management. In cyber security risk management, there must be a framework established that characterizes the concept of a comprehensive process requiring organizations to apply the following: 

  1. Determine Risk Threshold – Determine how much risk your organization is willing to take on give constraints and upper management goals.


  2. Determine Risk Assessment – Determine the importance of various assets, know which are protected, and the degree to which the assets are vulnerable.


  3. Determine Risk Response – Come up with plans of action if the risks turn into adverse realities.


  4. Ongoing Risk Monitoring – Check and monitor risk plans to ensure you have implemented them and updated them as situations change based on ongoing or periodic monitoring of those plans. For example, as cyber threats are steadily on the rise, risk plans are recommended to be monitored regularly and updated if needed to thwart these new and rising threats.

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Cyber Security Beyond Tomorrow — Balancing the Scales of Justice in our Digital World

A risk assessment is simply an effort to identify threats to your organization, how likely they are and the consequence of the dangers.
Threat & Vulnerability
Privacy is a broad concept referring to the conditions which enable a basic foundation of human dignity and autonomy.
Data Privacy
Data Protection is taking measures to ensure your personal and most sensitive data does not fall into the wrong hands.
Data Protection
We believe privacy by design means privacy is seamlessly integrated into products, services, and all systems by default.
Privacy by Design


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Theresa M. Mattox, MBA

Theresa M. Mattox, MBA

Cyber Security Risk Management Advisor & Strategic Thought Leader

Your Trusted Advisor and Advocate for Data Privacy and Protection

Theresa has been an informational technology professional for over twenty years with extensive experience in entrepreneurship, strategic planning and sales and operations management. As a strong and uncompromising advocate of data privacy, protection, security and strategic risk management, Theresa helps organizations integrate and apply cyber security risk mitigation strategies, while leveraging existing and emerging encryption technologies to ensure the IT infrastructure of an organization is secure at the highest peak. Theresa graduated with a Master of Business Administration in Management and awarded recognition for academic excellence in Delta Mu Delta, an international honor society in business, founded November 18, 1913, by the Dean from Harvard University and four professors from Yale University and New York University.

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